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Aplex Tennis and Pickleball Center

Tennis Pro - Aaron Pokorzynski
Welcome to the APlex Tennis Center!

The APlex Tennis Center features four indoor hard courts and four pickleball

courts, in addition to a full pro shop with racket string services,

a full locker room with sauna and a fitness center just outside the doors.

2023 APlex Tennis Programs (Junior and Adult)

Click here for information about the junior tennis programs and fees, and here for the adult tennis programs and fees.

Student (18-24 yrs)
Youth (under 17 yrs)
tennis Membership Fees

*Tennis membership includes full access to tennis courts, fitness center, pickleball and sauna.
Court Fees

Tennis members - $28/hour

Non-members - $28/hour for the court + $10 facility day pass per person

**$10 facility day pass gives non-members full access to the Tennis Center for 24 hours

**ball machine is available for $5 per hour plus court fee

**players 17 and under can use the machine for free plus court fee

Member playing singles for 1 hour - $14

Member playing doubles for 1 hour - $7

Member playing doubles for 2 hours - $14


Non-member playing singles for 1 hour - $14+10

Non-member playing doubles for 1 hour - $7+10

Non-member playing singles for 2 hours - $14+10

Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday - 6:00am-8:00pm

Friday - 6:00am-8:00pm

Saturday - 9:00am-3:00pm

Sunday - Call

September Tennis Schedule Aplex
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